To the people saying that the Applause Music Video is just a 2013 Vogue video.

Really? Not every B&W is copying the Vogue video. LOL shut the fuck up. 


Everyone is talking on how “genious” is Stefani’s (Lady gaga) video for “Applause”. I even read a post on tumblr that said she was “bringing art into music”… let me make this clear for all of you out there: BJÖRK HAS DONE IT FOR YEARS! (what? You were expecting for me to say Madonna?)

Check for the videos of “Army of me”, “Possibly maybe”,  “Bacherolette”,”Oceania”, “all is full of love”…. and this one here “Mutual core”. That is art into music… and she looks for no one’s applause!

I don’t know why people can’t just show their adoration for the video? Why does it have to be compared to SOMEONE else’s work? Like, a lot of things have been done in the past, some will be reminiscent of others. 

Like, I don’t get why you have to say “That is art into music… and she looks for no one’s applause” - I mean, I’m sorry, but that’s bullshit. Art is expressionism, and for you to say that Gaga’s work is not art is just pure and utter BS. What Gaga meant by the Applause - is satisfaction and making her fans happy.

Like, it’s okay. I understand that, that’s your opinion of it, but like so what if BJORK has done something similar? It’s art. It’s expression. It’s up to the artist.

Gaga has been doing art and music since freaking 2008 when she first started. She’s just thinking more outside the box nowadays. She’s really progressive and innovative. 


can someone like explain the new gaga video, because i am so lost. 

I don’t really think it has a plot to it. It’s just a pop video of her obsession of shape-shifting through magic (e.g. why she’s changing a lot in the video). Also, she said that it’s a video of B&W vs. COLOR - fighting for your applause. I mean, honestly, it’s just a fun music video. It’s artistic, visually creative, and mind-blowing. It doesn’t have a super deep meaning to it. It’s literally Gaga having fun dancing and singing Applause. It’s simple, but it’s amazing.



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Pop culture was in art, now art’s in pop culture in me.

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Seriously, I cannot even express how much I love this video. She’s having so much fun with it. She looks great, and it’s incredibly simple. I love it. Probably, one of my favorite Gaga videos.



Let the Applause revolution begin!

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Damn little monsters, chiiillll!!

Okay, some of you are like forreal crazy. Sending people hate and death threats is just not acceptable. Yes, we all defend Gaga because we love her and we see ourselves in her, but she can fight her own battles. She doesn’t need us. If anything, we are just making her look bad because we are being really evil and cruel to Perez.

Perez is an evil individual, but being evil to him back won’t make this right. Let Gaga do her thing. She’ll drag the bitch to the pits of hell, but all we need to do now is support Gaga as she fights her own battle. In other words, STOP TWEETING EVIL SHIT OR DEATH THREATS. STOP HARRASING PEOPLE. STOP THE DRAMA.

Like, I know I can get REALLY REALLY aggressive when I defend Gaga, but I’m not a psycho. I’m not the one to tell someone that I’m going to kill them. When I defend Gaga, I use facts or common sense. In arguments, you don’t always have to win. It’s not your job to say whether your argument is better than the other. The purpose of an argument is to relay your opinions about something - and let the spectators decide. In the end, you’ll still have your opinion, and you’ll believe THAT. 

IN OTHER WORDS, DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT OTHERS SAY. I know it can be REALLY REALLY frustrating when people are just not open-minded or are just plain ignorant, but you’re still the bigger person if you just respond with your opinion. Giving your opinion on a topic is not a problem, but when hatred starts - that’s when it is not appropriate. 

Just, please. STOP FUCKING AROUND. I wanna still be called a little monster, but I do NOT want to be associated with a fan base that is so hypocritical. So please, stop with the hate.


gays that give Gaga shit for helping with the LGBT community when they don’t do anything to help it themselves except complain about Gaga actually doing something